Forum Title: Using Multi Tool To Cut Hinges Out?
hired a new guy. I actually had a good helper ,but he is technically illegal , and doesn`t speak English also'. so though I should have an American speaking , legal . we were going to pre-hang , double mahogany doors, and a clear fir exterior frame I laid out the hinges, this part is my fault , I had to run about a hundred yards down the street to meet a new customer , and give a bid. I got back , and the guy , said , I cut out the hinges for us. cool! I thought, he takes initiative. he used a multi-tool! router was there , sharp chisels were there . all 8 hinge cut outs were about an 1/8th too wide , and all were too deep. one was a full 1/4 too deep .' I didn`t want to yell at a guy who just started 2 hours ago, so we worked on them for an hour, ne thinking, **** , this client is going to see this when the door is stained. and to top it off, the painter referred me, and this was his next door neighbor. still debating whether to eat the frame and get new it wasn`t cheap , and its an hour drive . wood fill will show when its stained. aaauugghh! again , I left the job for 30 minutes , so I`m to blame too but man!if you claim you can hang doors, and itd your first day. make that first impression great!! I nicely told him that he`s gotta be more exact with hinges. I don`t think he got I my fault for leaving for 30 minutes but if you come in saying your a carpenter , and that you can hang a door, do that first one great! a multi-tool? anyone else use a multi tool to cut out hinges? they were just plain awful
Category: General Contractor Post By: DEBRA ADAMS (Taylor, MI), 02/17/2018

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