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Went and looked at a bathroom remodel job with my partner 3-4 weeks ago. Guy said his budget was around 5 for the hall bath and 15 for the master bath. I was sure he meant 500 and 1500, but I kept my mouth shut and listened. After he talked a while longer I asked if he meant hundred or thousand, to which he laughed and said thousand. $5000 for hall bath and $15000 for master. He wanted some nice things, and I went from thinking he had way overshot the budget to thinking he might be a little short. Anyway. We crunched the numbers and got back to him in a few days with this email: Dear customer, Some thoughts: In going over your project we feel that just labor and materials, excluding fixtures (tubs, toilets, sinks, faucets, shower valves, lights, hardware) will run in the neighborhood of $$15,000.00 - 16,000.00. Roughly that breaks down to $5400.00 for the hall bath, and $10,600.00 for the master. This includes custom built and finished (painted or stained) cabinets supplied by us in your master bath. Going with custom over prefab will certainly be a significant upgrade in quality, with the benefit of configuring them exactly to your wants, needs, and layout options in the existing configuration. The cost difference would be negligible in your situation due to the higher cost of buying, delivering, fitting together, and installing prefab cabinets. A prefab unit in the hall bath is more straightforward, and we think is a good option there. Going with a sunken shower inset into the slab as opposed to building a curb and pan on top of the existing slab will be an additional $$$ If we can narrow down the exact fixtures to establish an exact cost, we can also adjust our quote accordingly. For example, a jetted tub with a motor will require additional electrical, or a wall mounted toilet will cost more to install than a floor mount. This does not include city permits, which we would estimate to be around $$$ This does not include plans drawn to be submitted to the city if required. $$$ To sum up, we feel it's possible to get most of what you're wanting for your budget of $20,000.00, but to fit it all in may not be realistic. Things to consider to reduce costs- -Place master shower pan above existing floor instead of inset. -Change frameless shower glass to framed. -Leave existing tub in hall bath and only change tile and fixture. -Install cultured marble tops instead of granite. -Buying and delivering fixtures, lights, etc, before project starts. We look forward to working with you further. Please advise. Respectfully, ----... I seriously never thought we'd hear from him again. He did email back that evening and ask a couple questions, and then he disappeared. We're very busy, and hadn't got back to following up with him. Anyway. To the point... He texted this evening and said they had decided to go with us (over a cheaper quote, no less) and could we come by this week and finalize everything, since they had picked out all the fixtures... I'll be darned.
Category: General Contractor Post By: BRAD BARKER (Dearborn, MI), 03/16/2018

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